Training From the Record Book

Player Development and Coaching

A part of Braunton Cricket Clubs continuing success is the commitment of its players to make practices.

The club employs highly experienced and qualified coaches whose role it is to coordinate practice sessions, provide coaching advice, as well as providing input and organisational support at matches. Furthermore we have a number of ECB qualified coaches. All BCC youth leader coaches are CRB checked and cleared by the Executive Committee. Andrew Parker is the Child Welfare Officer for Braunton Cricket Club and has attended the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport training course.

In addition to this the club has a number of volunteers and past players who make themselves available for specialist coaching sessions. Braunton Cricket Club aims to provide opportunities for young people from all sectors of the local community to become involved in cricket and develop a passion for sport. Young players are the future of our club and we are investing whenever possible to ensure that they have the finest coaching and facilities in North Devon.


One of the core principles of coaching is to get better at the skill, you must perform the skill. Not only should you play cricket as much as you can, but your practice and training needs to reflect the movements of cricket as closely as possible. Like any athlete, cricket players also need to follow a strength and conditioning program that aims towards peaking at certain stages of the year. By concentrating on training through the off season will improve players performance and reduce their risk of injury during the playing season.

Cricket is not just a game of skill, but as a summer sport involves extended periods of time spent playing, often in hot conditions. Cricketers need to stay fuelled and hydrated throughout a game. So if you are likely to have a few drinks post-match, make sure you have adequately re-hydrated yourself before consuming alcohol.

Training Schedule

Training sessions outdoors are now underway. If you want to play for us please come down to the ground for 6pm every Tuesday to get some vital practice in preperation for the season ahead. 

Seniors - Nets Tuesday evenings
Youth - Development and training sessions are on Mondays at 6.30pm sharp. Session finishes around 8pm and costs £40.00. per child for the summer block sessions. If selected to play whites must be worn by all players. Kit will be provided by the club.


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